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'Rear View Mirror'

Pathline Pictures

The short film production 'Rear View Mirror' is presently circulating within the international short film festival circuit. Consequently, the complete presentation is unavailable for public viewing at this time. However, excerpts and still frames are accessible below for reference.

Full Film Coming Soon

2024 Short Film Festival Circuit

Written & Directed By - Sean Loch

Produced by - Sam Price & Ashley Burgess

Exec Producer - Michael Mace

Exec Producer - Tristan Barr

Exec Producer - David Gim

Exec Producer - Peter Thurnwald


1st AD - Sam Price

DOP - Matt Davies

1st AC - Scott Edwards

2nd AC - Johannes Beer

3rd AC - Tom Waddington

Gaffer - Nicholas Curthoys

Best LX - Isabella Rae-Argo

Sound Recordist - Bridget Dorrough

Boom Operator - Thorne Lyons

Production Designer - Ellie Cole

Production Assistant - Layla Williams

Script Supervisor - Breech Quincy


Music - Romain Quessaud

Post Production - The Post Lounge

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Matt Davies DOP_Still Frames_Thomas Surfboards 'Thalassa'11.jpg
Branded Content 
Matt Davies DOP_Still Frames_Road To The Olympics_05.jpg
Narrative + Music Promo
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